Nat Ord

Nat Ord’s passion for environment, place, and personal stories meld together in her environmental portraiture.  As a photographic storyteller, Nat’s aesthetic is impressionable and always predetermined by her subject and their story. This dictates where, when and how she gets her capture to best portray the narrative at hand.

Over the past decade of mostly self directed photographic exploration, Nat has gone from detailing flora in the Victorian Alps and bush land, to shooting notable musicians live, to getting amongst rush hour crowds in Tokyo and everything in between.  Her subjects and environments are extensive and limitless, as are the techniques she uses and the aesthetics she employs, fundamentally to portray her story and message.

Nat’s commercial work is located at Manifeasto Photography

Nat’s collaboration project ‘Four’ is at Four Photographers 

Nat’s Headshots are at The Headshot Honcho